National Disaster Recovery Services, Settled.TM, The Loss Recovery People. A licensed public insurance adjusting firm. Settled.TM is a US registered trademark, all functions and systems belonging to the name are protected. We are a property loss professional firm dedicated to the policy holder following catastrophe: Fire, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, since 1989. Property insurance policies outline many of the duties the insured must perform in order to protect his contractual rights.

One duty is to present claim, setting forth the amount, the age, the quantity: Sign and swear to a proof of loss, amongst other duties.

Upon agreement, we will assist you in fulfilling your duties under the policy of insurance, maximize your benefits, prepare claim assessment for each we will meet the insurance carrier and their representatives as your advocate as often as necessary, we will answer mail, email, text or phone calls in order to facilitate speedy loss proceeds recovery. We will keep you advised each step of the way and offer, coaching, guidance and stability to bring the matter to the fruitful conclusion.

Attached are a few case studies which our team managed and adjusted, so you can think through different scenarios and know how we can help you.


Residential Flood


“We awoke to water seeping under our door…”
Floodstudy (1)

Cont. Case Study Flood


Commercial Fire


Who is in control?

Hurricane Katrina Commercial Property Loss


Hail Damage


Insurance Loss Estimating

Insurance Definitions

Building a Large Loss Team

Building a Large Loss Team; you will know better how the process of deploying adjusters and experts to control losses and loss scenarios work and where you see yourself in the big picture. Remember, that who controls the game in order to control the game must hire the controller. Public Adjusters accomplished in their field know this.

Now you do…. Take control and hire the right fit.

(Richard Spreeman case study below on developing a large loss team)

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