Road to Recovery

You matter, your life, your business, your family, your security, your time and loss recovery matter. We care and we want to assist you with your loss. The days ahead are filled with many questions, meetings and phone calls. We can see the unforeseen in property claims for you.

Once you realize you are entitled to your own claim representative, a Settled Public Adjuster will help you feel relieved and that the playing fields are now leveled.

The insurance company adjusters are trained to buy your claim for less. NDRS Public Adjusters on the other hand, will maximize your claim and our licensed adjusters will make those recovery funds greater, more thorough and will adjust your claim in a timely and adequate manner. We know the rules of the insurance game: construction and building codes, insurance contracts, property valuation; provisions and property claim laws.

We can help…You have a choice!

National Disaster Recovery Services, Inc.
Richard Spreeman

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