We Are Consultants

We are licensed Public Insurance Adjusters in several states.  We are licensed by the same licensing entity as the Independent Adjuster employed by your insurance company who will be assigned to your claim.  It is perfectly okay for you to outsource your adjusting needs in order to conform with all of your duties in your insuring agreement.  We represent only your interests.  In fact, you are a very important person to us and your interests are what we are about.

The Independent Insurance Adjuster currently working on your claim is employed by the carrier you are currently insured with.  The firm he/she works for is on contract with the insurance carrier, so they adjust losses on behalf of the carrier and their payroll is one with the carrier.  The agent/agency sells the insurance policy and the claim department adjusts the claims.                                                                                                                    

When you engage Settled, we will appraise all damage separate from the carrier and we will keep a log of all action on the file. 

By using our systems, we prevail.  By engaging our services, you are immediately taking action, but also you are fulfilling your duties under the policy.

Will you be put in a better position as the result of engaging our services?

Consider, we work on a contingency fee basis.  Never any money out of your pocket.  We get paid when you get paid.  We strive to maximize your loss recovery, by using our trademark systems.  We will measure and document all damage thoroughly and present a claim to the carrier on your behalf.  We will keep you advised each step of the way.  We will discuss the merits of all settlement offers and allow you to choose freely when you are ready to settle.


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