Insured’s Representative

Settled. is the Insured’s Representative

On the insured’s behalf, we will do the following:

  1. Communicate with the insured and get their story of what happened. Review the insured’s policy, coverage explanations, limitations and conditions.
  2. Determine what property or other subject matter in which the insured had an insurable interest; lost, destroyed or damaged.
  3. Give written notice of loss to each insurer.
  4. Assist the insured with compliance of policy requirements, as to handling of the property after the loss.
  5. Facilitate the inspection of the property  with the insurer’s representative and make agreements as to it’s handling and preparation.
  6. Prepare inventory, estimate or statement of value and loss or any account necessary to present claim and deliver copies to the insurer’s claim representative.
  7. Communicate and negotiate with insurer’s adjuster and work on an agreement of the value, conducive to settlement.
  8. Arrange for appeals from any adverse position taken by claim representative or his experts.
  9. In case of hopeless disagreement as to value or loss, make arrangements for appraisal.
  10. When value and loss have been determined, apply any limiting clauses and if two or more insurers are interested, apportion the loss.
  11. See that proof of loss is executed and filed with each insurer.
  12. Recommend to the insured any rearrangement of insurance that will provide better coverage.
  13. Follow up on the collection of the claim.
  14. If the insured has any rights of recovery against a third party, advise as to rights and be prepared to cooperate with any lawyer retained to enforce those rights. (Subrogation)
March 11, 2019
Adjusters Educational Seminar/Photo Slide
National Flood Insurance Program
(Public Information)

“Our insurance industry is evolving, segmenting, dividing into groups those who will and those they can negotiate settlements with on behalf of their policy holder. They are now excluding contractors, estimators, other adjusters, estimators, neighbors, etc. from negotiating claim settlements.”
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